Research on a Potential Employer



Google is a multinational corporation that has its head quarters in Mountain View, California. As a firm, Google provides a platform for numerous job opportunities as it specializes in internet oriented goods and services. With a mission to systemize the vast information within our world as it is and to make it universally useful and accessible for everyone the firm presents a prospective workplace for individuals with a variety of skill sets. This report therefore draws an attempt to summarize the findings of Google as a firm and a prospective place of work for job seekers.


  • To find out the firm’s products and services
  • To find out how the firm describes it’s year’s activities to the stockholders.
  • To investigate on how the company portrays itself towards the public
  • To identify the company’s corporate culture and its general outlook in the eyes of the employee.


The methodology behind the research was primarily the use of interviews and questionnaires. One on one interview with the firm’s employees and where the employees were too busy, questionnaires were used. The questions were set to identify the general outlook of Google as a company and if it was worth pursuing as a place of work. In this respect a sample of 40 employees was used to achieve this.


The company’s corporate culture is rather a unique one. Due to its recruitment of young employees, dress code to workplace is relaxed compared to other places of work. The reason behind this is to promote an eased atmosphere for undertaking tasks. The company also offers training to both prospective and future employees hence passing on required skill sets for various jobs within the firm.

The firm is a multinational organization with many stockholders. In this respect, it was found that the organization releases a quarterly report on the year’s activities. The report basically includes audited statements of incoming company revenue, market price of the stock and the paid dividends.

To the public, the firm portrays itself as a corporation that promotes an innovative culture amongst people in the world. This may be attributed to its huge access to a wide group of internet users worldwide and in that respect providing numerous platforms for the creativity of individuals inclined to using the internet as a medium for providing a variety of goods and services.

The kind of news usually generated about Google as a multinational company is generally positive. The firm is usually associated with profits, high income and numerous job opportunities due to the services they provide and wide access to internet users worldwide. For this reason other firms and industries try to associate themselves with Google.

Google’s economic logic is to focus on employee motivation and empowerment to promote innovation and creativity, increase profits via taking over economically viable enterprises and opening worldwide branches. In this respect Google as a multinational corporation is very active within its profession.

After interviewing the employees working within the firm, it was conspicuous that a large percent of the workers actually enjoyed their work. Most employees expressed their comfort in their workplace and would not trade their job for another. In this respect, Google as a multinational company presents a workplace worth pursuing.


In conclusion, Google as a company provides a proper platform for the promotion of creativity and innovation among both its prospective and current employees. For that reason the firm maintains a suitable workplace due to the presence of numerous job opportunities within the internet industry it is inclined to.


I would compose myself and read through my report as I wait for those chosen prior to me to get done with their report presentations. With that done, I will be able to comprehensively present my findings. My goals would be to catch the audience’s attention, to try and persuade them that the company I chose was best to work for and finally to try and motivate the audience to try and be objective when seeking for a job.