Powerpoint prompt

You will construct a photo narrative. You must take 15 photos yourself to construct the story and argument which you’ve made for your paper. You must pull 5 sources from the internet. You will have a total of 20 photos. You may have more but not fewer. You must properly cite your photos MLA style on a works cited page at the end of your power! Please also put in the captions and note each image that you took from the internet so I can quickly identify the images.

Essentially, this is supposed to be a fun and creative project. Imagine if you had to visually represent your arguments within your essay how would you do this?

I’ll give examples from previous students:

One student wrote her paper on the prison systems. She dressed her dog up as an “inmate” and photographed him in various scenarios. She put a sign around his neck with things like “sent to prison for 6 months for drinking beer in a parking lot.” She photographed him inside his cage as his “prison.” She left a few pieces of food in his bowl to illustrate the poor feeding conditions of inmates.

I’ve had students who used Legos to create their projects.

So think outside the box for your assignments and have fun! Remember you’re required to specifically take photos for this assignment. Please DO NOT pull up old photos you already have on hand and use them for this assignment!!

Also, do not simply take photos of text. In other words, don’t write out a bunch of statistics and information onto a sheet of paper, have someone hold it up and photograph it.

This assignment is graded on quality and creativity of photos in addition to how well it visually represents your arguments. In other words, submitting the required 20 photos will not guarantee an A.

NOTE. ALL PHOTOS PULLED FROM THE INTERNET HAS WHAT IS CALLED METADATA. What this means is I will know these photos do not belong to you. So please do not cheat and claim online photos as yours! I will know and you will lose points.