Our Privacy Policy

We have carefully implemented privacy strategies as legal tool for regulating our and your behavior as it regards usage of our essay writing website. As such, this privacy policy is legally binding and our privacy as far as our cooperation is concerned is subject to provisions of this document only. As you use our academic writing website, you consent to be in agreement – so you and we shall be under the legal obligations and rights herein.

First, we are most humbled to have you at our website. Your choice to cooperate with us is the best – and we endeavor to protect your identity in the best way possible. We want you to feel save when you order from us; that your personal information is never made available to any third party whatsoever.

For many years we have been offering custom essay writing service, we have delivered on our promise to deliver services anonymously. It is only members of support team that are have access to your profile, not even your writer will see your personal details or email.

General Provisions About Information We Collect

Our focus is to provide you with best assignment writing services. As such, you are under obligation to provide simple but accurate identification details for the purpose of communication and authentication.

Our website collects Anonymous details such daily visitors and region. This information is only for improving your experience while using our services.

Information can be submitted once you:

  • Fill and submit any forms, questions, chats
  • communicate with us in any way by email, phone or live chats
  • When you identify your personality


We may also further get information by means of:

  • observing your website usage, activities and interactions;
  • Your transactions on our website;
  • Use of cookies or any similar technologies.

We never collect information which concerns or reveals your:

  • political orientation;
  • ethnic or racial origin;
  • philosophical, religious or any other beliefs of the similar kind;
  • sex life;
  • your mental or physical condition or health;
  • Criminal convictions.

Information Collected by Academic Help website

Once our website is opened by you in a browser on a device, the following information begins to be automatically obtained: Your browser type, operating system, and time of access.

This information does and cannot identify you. We make no attempts to reveal the personalities of clients visiting our website.

The importance of this information is to improve website user experience, such as website layout.

Important Information Needed

When you wish to purchase any of our products, we request that you provide the following information for the purpose of processing your orders:

  • Your correct phone number;
  • your email;
  • Certain information on your credit card for authentication and/or ID or driving license. This is to protect you from online credit card fraud.

In the event that we need your credit card details, only first and last names need to be visible as well as the last 4 digits of your card. All other details should be completely hidden.


We use cookies for the purpose of improving your experience in using our website.

Manner of Communication

We communicate mainly via email or phone calls. We request that you use of email: info@allwritingexperts.com for any inquiry or concern. You can also request we provide you with information that we hold about your usage of our services by making a “subject access request” as provided under Data Protection Act 1998. If we have any information about you, we will give you full description and the purpose for holding the information.

We advise you visit this page often for updates on our privacy provisions, your rights, and obligations.