Experience with Students and Young Children

A classroom teacher wields a great deal of power over the students because they have the power to control the destiny of the child five days a week. Creating a positive relationship with the students is one way of fostering a positive learning experience for the students.The positive relationship creates a pathway that helps a teacher understand the students’ needs and the best way to help the particular student. In my teaching experience, I have encountered different kind of students from different backgrounds who were undergoing difficult situations. My most memorable case, however, was one that I was able to completely change the attitudes of a group of students.

In my first years as a paraprofessional as I was getting to know the students, one student stood out. He had been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and he hate music lessons. He would throw tantrums during music lessons saying how much he hated music. He had a very negative attitude towards the class and would not join the rest as they were playing.Sometimes he would even use abusive language and become physically aggressive towards other students. I, therefore, decided to take individual time with the student. At first, he did not take it seriously but I promised to meet him at least once per day.

I discovered that he thought that he was not good enough at music and he did not want to try because his peers would make fun of him. What I hoped to achieve is to change his attitude and way of looking at things and I must say it worked. I started by giving him private lessons so that it could improve on his confidence levels and within a short period, changes had started. Within a year’s time, I did not the attitude had completely changed.Whenever he had a problem he would come to me. Sometime all children with special needs require is someone to show them that they really can make it.

Knowledge and Skills

I have been working as a paraprofessional for almost ten years now working with children with special needs. Knowledge is power, and with my 10-year experience as a paraprofessional has been my well of knowledge, and I have learnt to deal with different kind of children who have different needs and creating effective positive relationships between my students and I, and thus, fostering a healthy classroom environment. An informed teacher leads their students towards greater heights and having important information on the education sector. Among the skills I acquired, I believe the most important ones in teaching are effective communication and teamwork because these are needed around the workplace from the classroom to official matters.

As a teacher, effective communication is a key ingredient at the workplace. There is always need to communicate with the students, parents and colleagues. Skillful communicators are able to accept information, comprehend it and synthesize it. They are also able to express themselves in the best way possible. As a teacher, it is important to be skilled to listen to the students, presentation of material in class, adapt methods and ways that best suit the students and be able to transform a boring lesson to an interesting one. All these are skills that I have acquired over the years and I would like to utilize them. Effective communication will pave way for better teamwork skills because colleagues understand one another.

Research shows that team work is an important aspect of the teaching profession. In my years of being a paraprofessional, I have learnt the importance of teamwork and working together in teams. School heads, parents and teachers have to work together to maximize the output of the child. Support and constant communication among teachers is important in light of teamwork promotion. The greatest resource that a teacher has is another teacher. Working together with other paraprofessionals gives an assurance of effective teaching. Effective teaching will mean that the students will produce positive results. Working in teams also means less stress levels, remaining fresh all day and ready to handle students at all times.